Descendant Charts


Updated 9 September, 2016

Click the link view the chart. (All charts are in PDF format.)

Descendants of Ancestor Casciato

          Descendants of Vincenzo Casciato

          Descendants of Dionisio Casciato

Descendants of Sabatino Mastroianni

Descendants of Domenico Carano

Descendants of Pietro Silvestri

Descendants of Raffaele Diiorio

Descendants of Carlo Riccilli

Descendants of Antonio Izzi

Dandelion Chart

Here’s an interesting, albeit awkward, chart showing how various families are interconnected.  Definitely NOT for small hand-held devices, you’ll probably want to view this on the largest monitor available.

In a Dandelion Chart, the nodes (people) are scattered to minimize cross-over of lines. Each black circle corresponds to a family. The red lines link the parents to the family, the black lines link children.

Combined Families Dandilion Chart

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