Descendant Charts


Updated 1 September, 2018

Click a link to download a chart. (All charts are in PDF format.)

Our Ancestor Casciato (his name unknown) had a son, Alessio Giovanni Antonio Casciato who married Prezlosa Tollis.  Alessio and Prezlosa had two sons, Vincenzo and Dionisio.  My family is descended from Vincenzo; cousin Amelio’s family is descended from Dionisio.  –  John Vincent Casciato

Descendants of Ancestor Casciato

Descendants of Vincenzo Casciato

Descendants of Dionisio Casciato

Descendants of Sabatino Mastroianni

Descendants of Domenico Carano

Descendants of Pietro Silvestri

Descendants of Raffaele Diiorio

Descendants of Carlo Riccilli

Descendants of Antonio Izzi


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