Obituaries, Mass Cards, etc.


How do you sum up one’s life, especially if you did not really know that person?  Why read their obituary of course!

Below is a list of links to Obituries, Mass Cards and a few other documents that may give you some insight to the individual.  These documents also help verify the spelling of names and other information in the database.

(Personal Note:  Some are marked as “Grandma”, “Grandpa”, “Uncle”, etc.  With over 1000 names in the database and many individuals with similar names and my brain turning to mush, it was the easiest way for me to keep track of people.  JVC)

Obituaries Mass Cards/Other
Ajamie, Amil – Obituary
Ajamie, Evelyn (Sitto) – Obituary
Ajamie, James J. – Obituary Ajamie, James J – Mass Card
Ajamie, Joseph P – Mass Card
Ajamie, Nasif – Obituary
Ajamie, Paul – Obituary
Ajamie, Thomas N – Obituary Ajamie, Thomas Nasif – Mass Card
Alexander, Mary J. – Mass Card
Attalla, Bernice E.R. – Mass Card
Attalla, Mary B – Obituary Attalla, Mary B – Mass Card
Baker, Eugene
Balady, Charles C (Uncle Charley) – Obituary Balady, Charles C. (Uncle Charlie) – Memory
Balady, Charles J. (Chuck) – Obituary Balady, Charles J. (Chuck) – Mass Card
Balady, Louis L – Obituary
Balady, Madeline – Obituary
Bell, Helen – Obituary
Bell, Lawrence James (Larry) – Obituary
Carano, Antonio – Obituary Carano, Antonio – Mass Card
Carano, Elizabeth G – Mass Card
Carano, John – Mass Card
Carano, Lena – Obituary
Carano, Lucy – Mass Card
Carano, Madaline – Mass Card
Carano, Nick – Mass Card
Carano, Pietrina (Grandma) – Obituary Carano, Pietrina (Grandma) – Mass Card
Carano, Rose M – Obituary Carano, Rose M – Mass Card
Carano, Stefano (Grandpa) – Obituary Carano, Stefano (Grandpa) – Mass Card
Casciato, Angelina – Obituary Casciato, Angelina – Mass Card
Casciato, Clotilda – Mass Card
Casciato, Elvira – Obituary Casciato, Elvira – Mass Card
Casciato, George Anthony (Uncle George) – Obituary Casciato, George Anthony (Uncle George) – Mass Card
Casciato, Helen C – Obituary Casciato, Helen C – Mass Card
Casciato, John L – WM Obituary
Casciato, John Louis – Obituary
Casciato, Mary Jane – Obituary
Casciato, Mary Jane – Obituary 2
Casciato, Richard (Uncle Duke) – Mass Card
Casciato, Teresa S. – Mass Card
Casciato, Thomas M – Mass Card
Casciato, Vincent (Grandpa) – Obituary Casciato, Vincent (Grandpa) – Mass Card
Cioffi, Vincent – Mass Card
Conti, Antonetta – Mass Card
Conti, Vincent (Jim) – Mass Card
Curall, Mary – Mass Card
DeBartolo, Marie – Obituary
Diana, Joseph A – Mass Card
Earnheart, Wilson – Obituary
Earnheart, Yola -Obituary Earnheart, Yola – Recipies
Gizzi, Clara G – Obituary
 Gizzi, Philip A – Obituary
Hall, Albert Carl – Obituary Hall, Anthony C – Mass Card
Hall, Barbara J. – Mass Card
Hall, Mary Margaret – Obituary Hall, Mary Margaret – Mass Card
Kaufman, Bradley D – Obituary
Labadie E. Ursula – Obituary
Labadie, Ross – Obituary Labadie, Ross – Mass Card
Labadie, WIlliam L. – Obituary
Libery, Mary Zito (Aunt Mary) – Obituary Libery, Mary Zito (Aunt Mary) – Mass Card
Marengo, Florence J. (Attalla) – Obituary Marengo, Florence J. (Attalla) – Mass Card
Mastriana, Anne – Obituary Mastriana, Anne – Mass Card
Mastroianni, Anna Marie – Obituary
Mastriana, Fank P – Death Certificate
Mastriana, Rose L – Obituary
Mastriana, Ruth Eileen – Obituary
McMahon, Lawrence J. – Mass Card
McMahon, Lena (Lee) – Obituary McMahon, Lee Z. – Memory Card
Neese, AIda A – Mass Card
Nerone, Lucy (Aunt Lou) – Obituary
Pesano, Charles (Pasquale) – Mass Card
Pusateri, Samuel – Obituary Pusateri, Samuel – Mass Card
Riccilli, Maria (Great Grandma Mamooch) – Obituary
Rosato, Delfina – Mass Card
Salem, Evangeline M (nee Attalla) – Obituary Salem, Evangeline M.- Mass Card
Sferra, Anne – Obituary
Sferra, Lucy – Mass Card
Sferra, Robert W. – Obituary Sferra, Roberet W. – Mass Card
Sferra, Robert W. – Remembrance
Sferra, Stephen J. – Mass Card
Sweeney, Edward T. – Mass Card
Sweeney, Louise F. – Obituary Sweeney, Louise F. – Mass Card
Tenaglia, Connie – Obitituary Tenaglia, Connie – Mass Card
Tenaglia, Eugene – Mass Card
Thompson, Ann Marie (Boots) – Obituary Thompson, Ann Marie (Boots) – Mass Card
Thompson, George A. (Tony) – Mass Card
Thompson, Tom – Obituary
Tisone, Onorata – Mass Card
Tisone, Verino – Mass Card
Trozzi, Gilda – Mass Card
Wainio, Anna – Mass Card
Wainio, Mary Jean – Mass Card
Wainio, William M. – Mass Card
Zito, Joseph Raymond – Mass Card
Zito, Mary (Aunt Mary) – Obituary